Griffin Bay School a K 12 Online Learning Academy Is Now Open for Enrollment to Students Throughout Washington State

  • Post by Dutchess
  • Jun 16, 2021
Griffin Bay School a K 12 Online Learning Academy Is Now Open for Enrollment to Students Throughout Washington State

Griffin Bay School’s K-12 Online learning program is now open for Fall 2021 enrollment to students throughout Washington State. Administered and funded by San Juan Island School District, in Friday Harbor, Washington, Griffin Bay School offers remote classes outside of traditional classroom settings and schedules. Griffin Bay School provides students and families an educational program that allows for flexibility, individualized attention, and a “work at your own pace” approach. Some believe an education should prepare students for further learning, like college or trade school, while others prioritize preparing students for the workforce, developing social skills, or encouraging participation in civic life. The dedicated educators at Griffin Bay School understand the spectrum of needs and priorities that exist and recognize that flexibility is key to meet the needs of all students and families in an alternative learning program such as Griffin Bay School. Griffin Bay School offers:

Program flexibility. Odysseyware/Edgenuity and other state-approved programs. Family support and curriculum resources. Alternative ways to academic success. Individualized attention. Small class size.

If you would like more information about Griffin Bay School, please call us at (360) 378-3292, or call/text at (360) 298-6025, email to [email protected], or visit our website at Students’ and Parents’ Testimonials “With Griffin Bay, I never have to feel like my child could be falling behind or not being challenged enough. They celebrate your child at whichever level they are at and see each student as an individual. It is a truly unique school and one that we feel very lucky to be a part of.”  - Katie Myers, Parent “I love that Mrs. Heller always asks me what I am interested in and finds fun books and worksheets for me. I am always excited to pick up my new school materials.”

  • First Grade Student “I see Griffin Bay as the best type of high school for students like me and many others who need the independence and the opportunities that this system provides. Before I began attending Griffin Bay, I dreaded doing what was required. I appreciate the different ways I can learn at my own pace. I am also grateful for the attitude of the teachers to personally help me not be mad about doing school but actually help me be more excited.” Tate, 16  Griffin Bay School is a part of San Juan Island School District located in Friday Harbor, Washington. We are a public school district. Our current enrollment is 765 students, most of whom are local, but a growing number of whom are from across Washington State. Join us! ### Source: San Juan Island School District